Nadine Johnson

Nadine Johnson

The Calgary-based artist, who affectionately considers herself a Heinz 57, was nurtured within a family of Lebanese, Ukrainian, Scottish, and English origins, where artistry flowed through their veins. Drawing inspiration from her multicultural heritage, Johnson’s intuitive approach to abstract painting embodies the essence of family, community, and connection.

“Painting feels like my own personal language. I communicate by juxtaposing layers, lines, marks, and shapes. Drawing inspiration from my environment, I identify most strongly with flowers, food, and books because of the deep connection between family and community. Using paint, collage, crayons, and pencil, I explore interesting compositions that reflect those relationships and their diversity.” - Nadine

Nadine paints multiple layers, which she considers essential for cultivating visual interest and curiosity in her work. Each layer reinforces its inherent relationship to a memory or a story, forming a distinct thread that intricately weaves everything together. Through her process, she pays tribute to her influences with a sense of reverence, creating an unexpected amalgamation of materials that connects the viewer with the art and the artist.

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The Tipping Point  - 60x24    Artist Nadine Johnson
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You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - 56x38  Artist Nadine Johnson
Drunk on Love 20x20
Fell in Love With a Girl 40x40
Crazy Stupid Love 20x20
Crazy Little Thing Called Love 48x40
A Little Something for You 12X12
Neapolitan With a Cherry on Top 12X12
Born To Be Wild 8x8
What's going on? 8x8
It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to 48x48
Stacked and loaded 30x45
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Over The Top - 30x30                  Artist Nadine Johnson
This Ones For You - 20x20 Artist Nadine Johnson
Putting Down Roots -  20 X 20 Nadine Johnson
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Exuberant Color 20x20