Mackenzie Bennett

Mackenzie Bennett

To her, creativity is innate, the moment she was old enough to put pen to paper it became a life-long love and pursuit. During her years of self-discovery she has pursued various mediums, artforms, and styles, all the while evolving her own form of expression.

Mackenzie for many of her early years worked with graphite portraits progressing to charcoal. She then spent years dabbling in high contrast pop-art-esque acrylic on canvas, while in this space she enjoyed her first public exhibits with Raw Natural Born Artists and the Edmonton ArtWalk. Later she expanded into the medium of tattooing, where she still enjoys creating more illustrative designs. Most recently, she has found liberation in the freeing work of Abstract Oil on canvas, allowing her art to be somatically formed through movement.

Much of her work, while still abstract and deeply interpretive, has underlying tonalities of emotional and energetic forces. Through use of an understated pallet, she seeks to convey the inexplicable and unseen influences around us.

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External Exchange 48X60
Macrocosm - 48 x 60 Mackenzie Bennett
Aether - 48X60 Mackenzie Bennett