Lisa Stead

Lisa Stead

Lisa Stead is a full-time abstract artist residing in London, Ontario. She works
predominantly with a mix of acrylics and mixed media. Her post-secondary studies
of visual arts, graphic design and photography, helped shape her art practice and
build foundations for striking compositions. Her original works are abstractions
and entirely non-objective statements. Within the multiple layers of elements, at a
distance the viewer is presented with a bold and graphic composition, however at a
closer view are entranced by the detailed movement and flow of the components.

“I’m inspired by nature's elements of earth, water and air and their harmonious
flow. I combine, colour, form and gestural markings to convey the story of each
and build upon them within the many layers. Nature has a natural production of
repetition and spontaneous characteristics that I work to emulate in my paintings. I
use a mixed media of acrylic paints, inks, oil pastels and spray paints to capture the
texture and raw detail found in natural settings.”

“My process is deeply intuitive with an unrestricted approach, often relinquishing
control so emotion and energy can happen voluntarily when a mark is made. The
layers of media overlap and create value to build depth and start to give direction
to the piece. There is little prediction of the finished product and I consider it
finished when I feel there is harmony and balance within the chaotic composition.”
Observers of Lisa’s work have found a deep connection to nature and natural
surroundings with underwater currents in a coral reef or the flow of wind through
the trees and a bountiful garden. She strives to convey a connection to our
surroundings and the value of that connection by invoking an emotional response
of belonging and pleasure.

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Tell Me All the Ways 24x24
Method to the Madness 30x40
Paint The Town Red 30x30
Chance Encounter 20x16
As The Crow Flies 24x18
My Two Cents 24x24
Rough Around the Edges 40x30