Jael Roznicki

Jael Roznicki

Jael is an intuitive and emotion based, self taught artist.  Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Jael has developed a local and international collector base, thru exhibitions in New York, Dallas, Vancouver and locally, additional to international publications, features and magazines.  She works in oil medium exclusively and has works that are powerfully colorful and modernly expressive.  

Being mindful of growing as an artist, Jael continues to push her boundaries and creating in an explorative way, to expand her style and expression. You will find her work to be thought provoking and continuously interesting to visually absorb.  

For a full interview on Jael and her artistic journey, please feel free to find the article feature in Modern Luxuria Magazine based in Edmonton Alberta. 


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Good Grief 48X30
Blah Blah Blah 48X48
Frustration 36X36
Suppression  36X36
Easy like Sunday Morning 48X60
Insomnia 60x48
Nerd 48X24
The Geek 48X36
Hot Tempered 48X48
Wise Mind 48x30
Half Moon Bay 24X20
Ever Hopeful 36X48
Burn That Bridge 84X36
Apex Happiness 48X48
Alien Landscape 48X48
Swallow Your Pride - Canvas Print Available
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Mr. Boombastic 48x48
The Great Thing Hidden Within 48x60
Unanswered Calls 36x24
Wishbook 20x20