Giovina Pollieana Brauer “Gio”

Giovina Pollieana Brauer “Gio”

Gio, an oil painter based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a versatile artist who has honed her skills through self-teaching. From fashion design and interior design to crafting handmade items and fine art, she has immersed herself in various disciplines. In 2014, she graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley after studying graphic design. Gio’s captivating creations transport viewers to dream-like worlds, where they are encouraged to uncover their own hidden realms.

Drawing from her inner visions and insights, Gio’s visionary style delves into otherworldly realms and creatures, infused with elements of dark romanticism and symbolism. By blending her personal inspirations and experiences, she awakens the senses, prompting contemplation on why we perceive what we do and how it impacts our souls when we delve beneath the surface.

Gio works exclusively with oils, utilizing multiple layers of intricate detail and texture to evoke an intimate, dream-like response. Her distinctive approach incorporates a carefully chosen color palette, resulting in lush layers and immersive aesthetics that elicit emotions and subtle hints of darkness, reflecting her unique personality.

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