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Como Tall Vase (Citrus Yellow)
Connected Thru Time - 25x25 Artist Miriam Traher
Crazy Juice 48x36
Displace/This Place 48x60
Doesn't Remind Me of Anything 24x24
Dog Days 24x24
El ojo de la Imaginacion - 63x61 Artist Ileana Garcia Magoda
Escoliosa pomposa - 19.5 x19.5 Artist Ileana Garcia Magoda
  • Product label: Sold out
Exhuberant Color 20x20                 Artist Nadine Johnson
Field of Gold 18x24
Float 24x24
Floraciones de la espina bifida oculta - 19.5 x 19.5                   Artist Ileana Garcia Magoda
Frivolous Pursuit - 48x48          Artist Jael Roznicki
Ghost of Abraham 40x60
Heavy Cost of Freedom 48x24
Hope - 60x48                            Artist Miriam Traher
I am not Led, I Lead - 30x30     Artist Rita Thorp
I've Been Funny All My Life 12x12
Identify As a Unicorn 48x30
It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to
Kintsugi Plate Gift Set - Quin Chueng
Large white Serving Platter - Quin Chueng
Let's Take the Time to Dance - 60x96    Artist Miriam Traher
Live In Peace - 30x30                Artist Rita Thorp
Live Well in the Weird - 48x48 Artist Jael Roznicki
Macrocosm - 48 x 60 Mackenzie Bennett
Madison Vase (Orange)
Making My Move - 25x25      Artist Miriam Traher
Motion II
Mountain Landscape- Altissimo Series - Kent Laforme
My Fair Lady Holds Her Umbrella - 63x61                                          Artist Ileana Garcia Magoda
Neapolitan With a Cherry on Top
  • Product label: Sold out
Organic Linen Pot (Natural)
Over The Top - 30x30                  Artist Nadine Johnson
Paloma Medium Vase (Green)
Pascale Vase (Apricot)